The Secret Sauce to Create Great Habits

If you’re one of the 41% percent of people who make new years resolutions, it likely falls under the bucket of creating a new routine …

… healthier eating, cross-fit, or waking up at a certain time.

But can we just pause for a second and talk about the word routine?

A routine is defined as:

“A habit or mechanical performance of an established procedure.”

With that beguiling definition, it should come as no surprise that only a mere 9% of people claim their resolutions yield success.

Don’t get me wrong, habits are fantastic!

You need great habits to make great things happen but when you do “a mechanical performance of an established procedure”, does it get your feminine vibrancy going? Are you inspired?

My guess is no!

It’s task orientated. A get-it-done mentality. Check it off and fuggedaboudit!

And yes, sometimes that feels good too but what would it look like if we shifted our focus from creating good habits to creating rituals?

A ritual creates a different feeling toward action. A more inspired feeling. A more infused feeling. Let me show you what I mean by illustrating a morning routine through the lens of a habit-based approach, then a ritual-based approach.

A Habit Approach…

I get up, make my bed, then check my phone. Pop in for a quick shower and spend a few minutes on my makeup. I grab my coffee and take it to go. Sipping about half of it before my first meeting.

Now, if we infuse some Feminine Ritual into this equation

I get up and begin my morning with my favorite cedarwood essential oil. As I make my bed, the scent gently wakes me up. I take a quiet 5 minutes to reflect and write in my gratitude journal, priming my mind for the day.

I hop in the shower and play my morning playlist. For me, it would be either French café or Bossa Nova. I give myself time to apply my skincare and enjoy getting myself ready for the day.

I grab my coffee, and I sit for the first few sips or the whole cup if I’ve given myself the time; tasting the flavors.

It’s different, right?

​Often we think it takes a lot more time to create something special but it’s simply not true. Adding a little bit of essential oil, 5 minutes to reflect, and playing some music sets up a very different start to the day.

The first scenario feels like you’re running on someone else’s treadmill, already late for your OWN darn life. But when you fill your life with rituals, you dictate your time. You choose to create your own beautiful life!

This week I encourage you to look at your morning, and take some steps to infuse a little ritual into it! You’re worth it babe!

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