Oh, hello lovely

It’s time to make femininity your secret weapon.

I’ll help you get out of your masculine and unapologetically embrace femininity as your superpower.

Spoiler Alert:

The secret sauce to a toast-worthy life isn’t found in hustle culture, embracing your divine goddess, or acting like a man.

It’s time to assess if the path you’re chasing can really fulfill your desired results.

You don’t have to contort yourself into someone else’s vision of womanhood

You can elevate your femininity and at the same time be true to who you are.

Spotting opportunities to help women step into their fullest expression is kind of my thing.

Drawing on my experience as a World-Class Competitive Dancer, Award-Winning Coach, and 20+ years of coaching expertise in my back pocket, I can confidently say I’m the real deal. And I’m crazy happy, obsessed and passionate about getting you results.

Boldy Embracing your Femininity Presents Like…

Leaning into Your Desires

Whether you're a stay-at-home mama, ambitious career woman, or any other spicy combination, you have a unique imprint on your heart of what your life should look like – let’s explore it.

Cultivating Peace and Softness

Act like a guy? Gosh no! When you step-in to this work you’ll operate from a place of flow and joy. That my dear, is a key ingredient in what makes a woman absolutely irresistible!

Showcasing Yourself in Moments that Matter

No more clamming up when you’re around the guy you like, or fumbling your work presentation because of unwelcomed nerves. Be feminine, poised and unforgettable.

simone says:

"Sarah gave me something that I thought was 'lost' - to be a woman with all its beauty and mystery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wonderful gift with me."

Working on your femininity enhances who you are – it doesn’t diminish it.
"I absolutely love that working on my femininity doesn’t mean that I have to change everything about me or diminish my accomplishments. Not only can Sarah teach you how to walk, sit, and dance but she’s a dating guru! I’m sharing with all of my girlfriends and sending them your way! You have changed my life, and it’s been so fun working together!"

courtney says:

Here’s my femininity blueprint:

Start with the Vision

Get started by clearing societal expectations and get back to your vision: What does your own femininity project look like? What type of woman do you want to be? I’ll help you clear out the noise, crystallize your picture, and pop the cork on whatever you believed was possible.

Build in Your Rituals

Then, we build in the framework and systems to make your femininity an effortless extension of who you are. Instead of waiting for a feeling of inspiration, we build in rituals and strategies that support the lifestyle you are wanting to create.

Upskill Your Tools, and Bring Your Vision to Life

Finally, we’ll get you that wow factor – so you never have to introduce yourself twice. No holds barred, we’re pulling back the velvet curtain and teaching you all the trade secrets. Strap on your stilettos sweetie because this is about to get fun…

hey lovely, I’m Sarah
Founder & CEO of The Femininity Project

Let’s Define Femininity On Your Terms

Being a woman in this day and age isn’t for the faint of heart. Between building a career, navigating relationships, and trying to keep your loved ones alive – there’s a lot of tops spinning.

It’s darn near impossible to be feminine when you can’t even get the white space to breath.
I’ve been there, done that, cried in my coffee mug… and come out the other side.

And that’s exactly why I got into Femininity Coaching.

Now, I help high performing women – just like you – so you can have a business, relationship and lifestyle that nourishes you, as you nourish others.
Simply put, I’ll help you with tangible tools and strategies, so you can embrace la dolce vita and build an empire.


1. Digital Shop

Grab your tote and see what I’ve got in my digital shop – where you can pick and choose curated resources that will support you with what you need the most help with now.

2. Flagship Heels Course

Ready to walk in heels with complete confidence and zero pain? Then my flagship How to Walk in Heels course has your name written all over it.

3. Coaching Services

Done with self-study and trying to piecemeal info together? Pick a 1:1 coaching package to get you the customized support you need.


marit says:

It’s easier than you think to be the best version of you
"I don’t know when yoga pants and t-shirts became my everyday attire, but by making an effort to dress with more intention, be more feminine and look better, I know I feel better. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Sarah. I now have a clear sense of style, and with her guidance, I can see what works well for my body type and colouring. It’s easier than you think to be the best version of you."

I love you. Thank you so much for being alive
"I lost my femininity when I became a mother. After working with Sarah it’s coming back! You created such a safe space for me to by myself and reign back in my femininity in a gentle and inviting way. Sarah is patient, kind, and wasn’t afraid to correct me. She was able to give feedback in a way where I didn’t feel stupid or awkward, and created such a fun space to learn and grow. My body has also started to feel more aligned and my back pain has gone away because of her training in mobility exercise. I love you. Thank you so much for being alive."

cathy says:

michelle says:

Everyone at work has seen the difference in my style, appearance, and confidence, and are all dying to work with Sarah too!
"I’ve always idolized the pinup/rockabilly/1050’s style but I wasn’t super confident in executing it without looking out of date or like I was playing dress up. Sarah helped me to find a way to incorporate it in with the clothes I already have. Everyone at my work has seen the difference in style, appearance and confidence and are all dying to have a session with Sarah too! And the tips in rocking a night out in a pair of heels has been a game changer. No heel too high for this gal!"


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