Increase your Femininity, Part 1: The Brand

What exactly makes a woman radiate femininity?

Is it her appearance, her personality, how she spends her time…

Yes, all of these things have an impact, but they’re pretty darn vague if you ask me.

Because I’m here for the tangible tools (can I get an amen!). Philosophizing is great, but it leaves some mighty big gaps in figuring out the actual next best step.

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If you’re a woman on a mission to elevate your femininity there are 3 areas you need to concentrate on:

  1. Your Brand
  2. Your Behaviours
  3. Your Beliefs

Today we’re going to focus on your brand.

Think of the brand as the dazzle! The party! The fun!

It’s what we see first, and it either entices us to come closer or drives us away.

3 things make up Your Brand:

  • Your Body Language
  • Your Style
  • Your Voice & Vocabulary

Let’s look at your body language

To say that the way you carry yourself is important, would be the understatement of the year. This skill is ESSENTIAL to develop!

The way you sit, stand, move and gesture is going to be a big determining factor if doors open for you, or if they slam in your face.

Studies show that it takes less than 4 seconds to make a non-verbal first impression… that’s not a lot of time.

Worse though… if it’s a bad impression, it takes 8 subsequent positive ones to cancel it out! That’s a lot of work that could’ve been avoided.

Ready for some good news?

Thought so!

Incredible body language is a highly learnable skill. It’s available to anyone who wants it, and all that’s required is the right information and practice.

The best place to start is to take stock of what your body language is communicating now. With my private clients, I start by having them film themselves from all angles: walking, sitting, and standing.

Then get to work!

Let’s talk about personal style and appearance…

Maybe you think looks shouldn’t matter, but let’s examine that for a moment.

We have such a finite amount of time, and an infinite amount of people that we can connect with… because of that, we make snap judgments all the time!

When you are well put together and have your sense of style, you are taking control of the message you’re communicating.

Think of it like this:

If 2 people walk into an interview who had the same level of skills, but one looks great, and the other looks average, who would you give the job to?

It’s a no-brainer, right?

Style is not a superficial notion.

It tells us whether someone takes care of what they’ve been given.

If this is new for you, it’s never too late to get started!

Trust me, the differences you will notice in how you feel and how others treat you, will be well worth it!

Let’s talk Voice and Vocabulary…

This breaks down into 2 parts:

  1. The sound and speed of your voice
  2. The words you choose to use

Have you ever felt exhausted or attacked after a conversation?

Often that comes down to the pace of their speech, the volume of their voice, and if there was any variation of emotion.

Many women speak waaaaaay too fast! Whether it’s nerves or not, it’s something you want to be aware of. Build in pauses in your speech.

Equate fast talking to someone speed walking straight towards you…

not a good look!

The other thing you want to pay attention to is the sound of your voice.

Do you speak too loudly? Too softly? What does your voice say about you?

The next thing to consider is the words you choose.

We need to give a swift kick to the *filler words*:

um/uh/well/so/like/you know.

These words detract from your perceived confidence. They often come into play when you’re multi-tasking… processing while speaking. The best remedy is to formulate your thoughts, then clearly say your points.

Next up? Your word choice.

I meet so many women who say they can’t get guys to stop treating them like one of them… the problem is they sound just like them!

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to be one of the guys, stop talking like them!

This can be the casual “dude” or “man”, or excess cursing. Now, to clarify, I’m no saint. I appreciate a good expletive when the time calls for it. A strategically placed word for impact, versus assaulting your sentences with swear words is very different.

Choose your words wisely!

Bottom line: You have a brand whether you’re aware of it or not. If you are wanting to build a feminine brand, taking note of these 3 skills and putting them into action will get you well on your way!

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