Business Lessons from the Queens Gambit

Did you get swept up in the Netflix phenomenon The Queen’s Gambit?

Fun fact, in the first month of the series release, sales of chess sets increased by a whopping 83%, and chess literature by 603%.

The Queen’s Gambit is based on a book written by Walter Tevis, about a gifted orphan named Beth Harmon who has a brilliant mind for chess. She ascends from the orphanage, and one fierce chess match at a time, she dominated her competitors and earns her seat at the World Masters.

These types of stories have been written before, but what made this one strike such a chord, and inspire massive amounts of people to become chess enthusiasts?

My hunch is for women, they were utterly captivated and inspired by her Feminine Mystique. Beth was a woman in a male-dominated arena, but she never adopted the “act like a man” philosophy; the opposite actually.

She LED with her Femininity!

Mystique is defined as:

A fascinating aura of mystery, awe, and power surrounding someone.”​

Mystique makes you a person of interest, a woman worth talking about.

The kind of woman that inspires you to march down to Indigo, and pick up a book on Chess, just so you can own a little slice of that Mystique pie for yourself.

But as you might have already guessed – it has little to do with chess.

Mystique is intriguing, it leaves something to the imagination.

It doesn’t feel the need to rush, overshare, apologize, or act like anything besides who you are. It takes confidence to have mystique.

Women for years have been told to act like men but that is a recipe for disaster.

You will never outman a man period (nor should you want to!).

Plus, men have built-in BS detectors and can tell when someone is out of sync with themselves.

But listen… he can also never out-woman you!

You have this mystery and if you embrace it, there is ENORMOUS power there.

One of the ways you can start to invest in your mystique is to study women who already embody it and model your behavior after them.

How do they move? How do they talk? What makes you so fascinated with them? How do they dress and present themselves?

Remember your femininity is a gift!

In business, you offer something different than a man does. Instead of trying to emulate him, step into this God-given feminine power that you already have, and watch the results it gets you!

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