The “Top Ups”

For you if you’ve already gone through coaching with me and want some extra help.

“1 Session per Month” Packages

2 Sessions over 2 Months
Monthly 2-Month Top Up
$449 + GST
4 Sessions over 4 Months
Monthly 4-Month Top Up
$897 + GST

“2 Sessions per Month” Packages

4 Sessions over 2 Months
Bi-Monthly 2-Month Top Up
$897 + GST
8 Sessions over 4 Months
Bi-Monthly 4-Month Top Up
$1797 + GST

what women are sharing

"Sarah gave me something that I thought was 'lost' - to be a woman with all its beauty and mystery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wonderful gift with me."
"Sarah has helped me and other ladies bring out our 'inner goddess'...And unlike a genie hiding in a bottle, she helped us bring the divas out to play and work it, baby! While this will always be a work in progress for me, Sarah's masterful coaching is so supportive and fun."
"Sarah's teaching style is warm and inviting, and the techniques she teaches are very easy to incorporate into daily life, I can already feel an increase in confidence! I'm grateful for having the opportunity to work with her."
"I've always idolized the pin up/rockabilly/1950's style but I wasn't super confident in executing it without looking out of date or like I was playing dress up. Sarah helped me find a way to incorporate it with the clothes I already have. Everyone at work has seen the difference in my style, appearance, and confidence, and are all dying to work with Sarah too! And the tips on rocking a night out in a pair of heels has been a game changer. No heel too high for this gal!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Sarah. I now have a clear sense of style, and with her guidance, I can see what works well for my body type and colouring. I don't know when yoga pants and t-shirts became my everyday attire, but by making an effort to dress with intention, be more feminine and look better, I know I feel better. It's easier than you think to be the best version of you."
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