Dress how you WANT to feel

Intention” has become a buzzword lately –

​We all want to live purposefully. A yoga instructor begins their class by encouraging you to, “set your intentions for your practice”. At the start of a meeting, it’s not uncommon to hear, “what is our intention for today?”.

Intention is Everywhere.

I’m a big proponent of intentional living. Without it, we fall victim to the whims of our emotions, and can easily be redirected to a path that doesn’t support our goals.

​I see women apply intention to their careers, health, and how they run their homes.

​However, often it’s overlooked in how they dress.

Instead of dressing in a manner that supports their goals, women often let their mood influence their style choices.

Choosing an outfit that simply says:

Good enough.

Not excellent. Not a woman with big ambition. Just.good.enough.

I learned in my dancing career if I waited for inspiration to train, inspiration never came. However, if I trained on days when I wasn’t inspired, inspiration followed suit.

I want you to remember this:


This is a way to hijack your emotions and support your goals by dressing accordingly. Intentional dressing.

So what *exactly* does that look like??

Well, it’s not about having the most expensive items or a closet full of clothes.

Dressing with intention begins by dressing to impress YOURSELF!

You want to look in the mirror, and see a woman who cares for herself and a woman who is valuable and worth the effort.

Choose items that showcase your body well. Items that you put on and feel like a complete winner in. Items that make you feel powerful, sexy, and confident!

Personal style is not trivial, it’s a tool to change your mood, get where you want to go, and express your femininity.

Action Step: Think of a current goal you have. Got it?

What would a woman who had already achieved that goal dress like?

Once you’ve got a picture in mind, go and do the same.

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