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Teaches How to Walk in any Pair of Heels like a Pro

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As a Former Pro World Dance Semi Finalist, Award Winning Professional Instructor and Femininity Coach, Sarah Bohdanova taught hundreds of women and young girls how to walk in heels with confidence and style. Now she’s teaching you her client-tested techniques and strategies to help you in your everyday walks; whether you want to start wearing heels, or you currently wear them all the time. Get dancer like poise and coordination, learn different ways to style and personalize your walk, feel and look confident and fabulous everywhere you go!

11 Video Lessons (58m 12s)

Course Plan:
  • Introduction
  • Bonus: Practice Mastery Guide
  • Legs & Feet
  • Hips
  • Posture & Poise
  • 3 Styles of Walk
  • 3 Styles of Arms

Here’s what’s inside

This Course has 5 modules, covering ALL essential elements that you need, designed to take you from the foundation all the way to advanced styling:

  • Legs & Feet
  • Hips
  • Poise & Posture
  • 3 Styles of Walk
  • 3 Styles of Arms
  • Bonus: Practice Mastery Guide

Each module has 2 lessons: Instruction and Practice. Where I will take you step-by-step, and give you a chance to practice along side me.

I will teach you both the Mechanics and Style of walking in any pair of heels.

Mechanics are the skills you need to beautifully execute any style of walk. They give you rock solid balance, graceful weight transfers, and a gorgeous leg strut using my signature BSP technique; while eliminating any rigid movements, bouncy steps, or squatty bent knees and squished toes!

Style is all about how you want your walk to look and feel, and the impression you want to communicate to others. I will teach you techniques to look powerful and confident, sexy and captivating, or elegant and graceful. You’ll have plenty of styling options for your walk so you can choose the way YOU want to express yourself for every occasion in life.

So you can create the impression that YOU want anywhere you go, in any pair of heels like a Pro.

For women who wanted to learn these skills through private one-on-one coaching, the average investment was $800. In person it would take longer, as we worked through their questions, fix corrections, and had built in practice time within the lessons – as you can’t re-watch the instructions as you can in the course.


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Sarah gave me something that I thought was ‘lost’ – to be a woman with all its beauty and mystery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wonderful gift with me. —Simone
Sarah has helped me and other ladies bring out our ‘inner goddess’…And unlike a genie hiding in a bottle, she helped us bring the divas out to play and work it, baby! While this will always be a work in progress for me, Sarah’s masterful coaching is so supportive and fun. —Virginia
I really enjoyed taking Sarah’s heels class! I never realized that no one had taught me to walk in heels properly and that it in fact contributed to me feeling shy instead of walking into a room and owning it. Now, after practicing in her heels class I feel I can show up confidently (when rocking those heels) to date night, that business meeting or entering a room for the first time. I can really own a space and feel good about myself, my posture and my strut. —Meagan
I highly recommend taking this course! It was not only an enjoyable experience but it was such a great way to build confidence. Sarah provides an inviting, non judgemental learning environment and it is so easy to see Sarah’s expertise in teaching. Before this workshop I did not know the first thing about walking in heels but by the end of the course, I gained confidence that I have been able to apply every time I put on a pair of heels. I look forward to taking more workshops and courses with her! —Mirella
I really enjoyed this course. It’s clear that Sarah is an accomplished dancer and teacher. I found the lessons to be well-paced and the instructions to be very clear. Sarah created an environment that is supportive, relaxed and fun! I have always struggled to walk in heels, but after Sarah’s class, I feel much more confident and a bit more graceful in my heels! I would recommend the course to anyone. —Christa
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